Software Engineering Portofolio

Over the last decade and a half, we’ve been busy building advanced solutions in the IT industry. Some of those include a Private Cloud Platform, a Distributed Live Detection and Threat Analysis Platform, a Distributed Energy Plant Monitor and Management System and may others…​

Private Cloud Platform

The in-house cloud solution offered provides a complete package for managing customer tenants, applications, hardware, and configurations. It operates on a service-based model, ensuring each component functions independently and communicates securely through APIs. A centralized authentication system governs access control. Notable features include real-time monitoring, configuration adjustments, application customization, and comprehensive identity management control.

Indoor Navigation Solution

The indoor navigation solution presents a comprehensive system for real-time internal navigation, encompassing internal flow routing and dynamic exit path calculation. Its core function is to furnish vital life-saving information during emergencies within confined spaces. Furthermore, the solution facilitates the storage and post-visualization of registered pathways, oversees customer tenants and environment management, and supports active monitoring requests for designated environments.

Electric Vehicle Charging Platform

The suite of electric vehicle (EV) charging software solutions encompasses middleware and backend functionalities tailored for comprehensive system operation. These features encompass payment systems, billing processes, user management, content management system (CMS) interactions, user authentication protocols, end-user notification management, electric vehicle recharge lifecycle oversight, back-office management portal facilitation, and provision of end-user applications and web applications.

Distributed Energy Plant Monitor and Management System

The data analysis and visualization tool designed for energy plants prioritizes real-time retrieval of sensor data, calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) based on energy dynamics and metrics, and the creation of fully customizable dashboards and widgets for precise visualizations.

Firmware Development​

The development entails embedded firmware creation for ESP-32 and STM32 platforms, integrating various sensors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, light detection, and audio detection. Connectivity is established through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Standard WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz), while communication protocols employed include HTTPS, MQTT, and CoAP.

Advanced Cyberanalytics Framework

The advanced analytics interface tailored for post-analysis of network security data flows and security incident reporting provides users with the capability to construct custom dashboards for data visualization. It enables the definition of sophisticated automated agents dedicated to data processing for post-analysis and automated decision-making. Furthermore, the platform facilitates big data correlation and aggregation to enhance insights and efficiencies.

Distributed Live Detection and Threat Analysis Platform

The modular, distributed engine is designed to execute live threat analysis utilizing high-interaction honeypots. Offering versatility, it can function as either an advanced high-interaction honeypot or a dynamic analysis engine system. Key features include real-time monitoring of attacks with comprehensive attack geo-localization and visualization capabilities, support for console commands, tracking filesystem modifications, and monitoring network packet activity. Additionally, the system ensures persistent data storage of conducted attacks and provides tools for data analysis and report generation. It supports a range of widely used protocols including SSH, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, and SMB.

E-learning Cybersecurity Platform

The comprehensive full-stack solution for e-learning courses emphasizes cyber security training and hands-on learning experiences. Users can define courses and manage students while dynamically generating training environments featuring meticulously crafted vulnerabilities and ready-to-play capture-the-flag challenges.