Cybersecurity Portofolio

Our proficiency lies in postmortem incident forensic data recovery and threat reverse engineering, alongside expertise in threat hunting and network security within intricate environments.

Computer Forensics

The scope of cyber security activities extends beyond mere threat identification. Leveraging a combination of proprietary and third-party tools and software, our endeavors encompass comprehensive artifact analysis and examination of captured binaries. Our postmortem incident analysis entails sophisticated procedures, including threat reverse engineering and meticulous system analysis and data recovery, all conducted with the overarching objective of investigation and resolution.

Security Analysis

Our team comprises seasoned experts in security analysis, boasting extensive experience in navigating contemporary cyber threats. Our endeavors within the domain of security analysis have been conducted across enterprise and research landscapes. A diverse array of tools and software, including proprietary developments, has been employed by our team. Our service portfolio encompasses a range of offerings such as threat hunting, network behavior analysis within intricate infrastructures, and bug detection facilitated through source code analysis and fuzzing techniques.