We transform your visions into tangible solutions. In time. In budget. Just like fast forwarding to your goals.

Building the best, scalable applications for complex and high-speed environments – that is the strategic goal of Fast Forward Engineering. Let you prototype, test and validate your ideas. A team of seasoned, highly experienced experts in software development, DevOps and product architecture will help you to achieve your strategic goal.


Software development outsourcing is the right tool to achieve your business goals.

Fast Prototyping

A good product not ready in time is a useless good product. We strongly believe that good timing is the winning key for a successful project. It is essential for us to focus on your objectives and move straight forward to the solution.


Successful projects start with good design and architecture, establishing a solid foundation for future development. The vast experience gained by Fast Forwards’ team during their careers allows us to design comprehensive products, leveraging on the most appropriate technologies to use.

Clean code

The development department can rely on experts, with many years of experience in their areas of competence, which allows us to produce code always reliable, well structured, well documented. Our unique expertise enables us to produce any kind of component which is fast, reliable and scalable.

Appropriate Pricing

Let's create together your economic plan for reaching your strategic goal. No surprise bills or unexpected expenses: every price is clear, balanced, based on industry-standard quotes. We will choose together between an hourly-based or one-time-pay development quote, or even a custom quote.

Dedicated Team

We build the product you need on time with a dedicated team of experts that uses a clear and effective design process. We strongly believe there is no way to get worthwhile results without cooperation and trust between the team and the customer.


Build firmware and infrastructure for your IoT projects, interconnected with your digital world and space.

Cloud Appliance

Create complex enterprise software, ensure reliable software integration, modernise your legacy system.

End-user Solutions

Make cross platform applications for web-clients and mobile, reachable from anywhere in the world, with modern and responsive look and feel.


Build virtualized and scalable systems, abstract your applications over cloud infrastructures, control and orchestrate your deployments in real time.


The choice of the proper technologies is the core to build quality products. For this reason we use some of the most valid and cutting-edge technologies on the market and we are always open for new ones.


The team is made up of young people with heterogeneous skills, enabling us to address the main aspects of the software lifecycle.

We are a company open to new ideas and based on mutual trust and we work together toward a common vision.

Our head office is located in Italy, but it is possible to work with us remotely from anywhere in the world: currently the group is made of experts from three different countries.

We are a fast-growing group and are always looking for new talent to come on board.

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